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i-D magazine:

i-D Magazine has recently celebrated 30 years at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and ideas and has always promoted diversity and individuality.

A magazine for thought leaders and creative pioneers, i-D Online will feature winning work of students who offer progressive ideas on diverse body and beauty ideals.

Diversity NOW! on www.i-donline.com

Succeed Foundation:

With a fresh approach to eating disorders, wellbeing and body image awareness, The Succeed Foundation is a young charity determined that many in need of help now will see benefits in the future. When starting out you have to sow seeds to Succeed.


Arts Thread:

Arts Thread is the world’s leading creative graduate network, bridging the gap between education & the design industry.

In little over 2 years Arts Thread has built relationships with over 80 International Art Colleges in 16 countries and helped over 400 design graduates gain employment with some of the leading brands worldwide.


Graduate Fashion Week:

Celebrating over 21 years of promoting student talent to industry and press, GFW supports All Walks in putting emotionally considerate design and messaging on the agenda.



Own Label was set up following a collaboration between students from the University of the Arts and London Business School to promote creative design at affordable prices by working directly with emerging fashion designers.


Centre of Diversity:

The Edinburgh College of Art Centre of Diversity in association with All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, run by Director Mal Burkinshaw, aims to create a long term ‘Network Centre of Excellence,’ for research relating to emotionally considerate design for a range of body shapes. The centre will be a hub for dynamic and challenging creative research that will span the breadth of modern fashion pedagogy.