// The Brief


You are invited to submit one entry in any of the following categories:

Womenswear / Menswear:

One dress or garment that celebrates and embraces diversity of the body, this may include age, size, skin tone, height. Your design should be creatively and professionally illustrated, coloured and accompanied by a fabric swatch (photograph of) and technical drawing. Please also submit a short design statement outlining your inspiration and market. This should be uploaded to Arts Thread as jpeg files of no more than 500kb. Please avoid designs which are overly complicated or involve heavy detailing – our partner Own Label want to be able to manufacture your garment as closely to your design as possible. Finalists will then be notified and given £50 to make their sample and accompanying pattern. Samples will be sent direct to Own Label for judging and selection. See Judging process for more details.

Fashion Film:

A short film (between 1 and 3 minutes) to promote beauty and fashion from a unique perspective. This film must promote the All Walks philosophy of a diverse range of body and beauty ideals and serve to communicate the beauty of individuality. Films should be shot in quicktime HD H264 with AAC audio, and you must have the rights to any audio you use. Films should be uploaded onto Vimeo/Youtube first (set as unlisted - hidden from search results, but not password protected) and then embedded onto Arts Thread.


A 4 to 8 page brochure covering the subject of diverse beauty and body ideals. Content must offer a unique take on the subject of individuality.


1 to 4 photographic images that celebrate and promote diversity of the human form. The images should be high impact, capturing the essence of the All Walks philosophy. These should be shot in editorial high res quality as winning entries may be blown up and used for future All Walks campaigns. When uploading to Arts Thread they must be jpeg files of no more than 500kb.


One piece of energetic writing, charting a thoughtful and adventurous journey through or about image, to include a brief analysis the current culture of beauty and body ideals from your perspective. No longer than 800 words, to be entered directly into the text box on Arts Thread.


Most fashion drawings feature an exaggerated, stretched and narrow body. Could curvaceous voluptuous bodies or the beauty of older women be showcased in a successful illustration? How would the male body be portrayed? Diversity rules.

// Inspiration

The above pictures are examples of work, from students who have been inspired by the All Walks lectures we give up and down the country. These are a starting point and we want your ideas showcased in a high fashion way, to continue and enlarge the dialogue around diversity.

As M&S, our first sponsor back in 2009, has just released a campaign in the spirit of All Walks, we are delighted to see small shifts... Long may their campaign rule (in various forms)! But you, as the big names of tomorrow - the Art Directors, the Menswear and Womenswear Designers, the Stylists, the Show Producers, the Journalists, the Film Makers - you have the chance to begin bigger change by shaping the future of fashion now.

Think Diversity NOW! Take your lead from visionaries such as Vivienne Westwood, Nick Knight, Mark Fast, Lee Alexander McQueen and Chen Man to name a few, who prioritise pushing the boundaries and work consciously to make a statement around diversity.

We are looking for directional, aspirational imagery and design showcasing fashion on a range of bodies, ages and skin tones or writing and thinking that shines a light on the way forward and challenges beliefs that only one body ideal is aspirational and market-worthy.

Take a moment to explore our site and check out the campaigns we have created since 2009. Weve been lucky to work with top creatives as you can see... and now we want to work with YOU.